January 11th, 2015

I don't get it?

I don't understand, how can you not warn for Major Character Death in a fic?

I mean, I get that people don't like to give away the ending of their stories, but that's a pretty big thing to not tag. AO3 even has it up there in bold so that it's the first thing you see. I get not wanting to tag who tops and who bottoms and stuff like that, and maybe even things like dubcon when interpretations can differ. But MCD? I need to fucking know that before I start reading.

I don't know, maybe it's just important to me and not so much to anyone else. I test extremely high in levels of affective empathy, so where one person might feel sad over a character dying, I almost literally feel the pain of losing a loved one because I find it hard to dissociate my own feelings from that of the characters. The only time I've read a MCD fic was three years ago, and I'm still not over it, I still randomly burst into tears whenever something reminds me of it.

Until today, anyway, because I unwittingly walked into an untagged MCD fic and ended up having a panic attack and vomiting on my bedroom floor. I haven't been able to stop shaking and crying for the last four hours, and my husband is starting to get that look he always gets when he thinks it might be time for me to go back on my meds. What a wonderful fucking way to start the new year.