So, like everyone else seems to be doing, I have made an account on DreamWidth and am in the process of importing my LJ posts over here. I hope I've done it right *fingers crossed*. I'm still figuring out how this new site works (is there a friends page? How do I find people?) but hopefully I'll work it out. With any luck I'll have done the crossposting thing right, so if you feel like following me over here, please feel free to do so - mainly because I suspect that it will be easier for me to find you guys that way! So yeah, do that.

For those of you interested in finding me on other platforms, here are my various online personas:

AO3: lauren3210
Dreamwidth: lauren3210
Tumblr: heaven-is-my-hell
Twitter: @I_Can_Dig_Elvis

(It's so weird how you can track my fandom movements through my names! My Tumblr was set up way back when I was watching The Vampire Diaries, and Twitter when I was all gung-ho for Supernatural, and LJ and AO3 all happened back when I didn't understand originality and just used a handle that was close to my email address. I'm such a weirdo.)

I am currently dying of a cold that has lodged itself in my sinuses, and I feel like I am about to sneeze 100% of the time. But at least the weather's nice, so I am able to put my washing out on the line, which is nice. The girls are all gorgeous, horrible little brats as usual, and Ben is his usual grumpy asshole self, and absolutely nothing has changed in my life since my last post. When did I get so boring?
Are you also lauren3210 on DW? Most of us have been posting our DW names. There's a Reading page which is the friends feed. You don't have to give someone access to read your locked entries in order to add them to your reading list, which is nice--subscribing and granting access are separate things. Some of the markup is different, like you can actually use an lj user similar tag (lj name="" site=) to automatically link to accounts on other platforms, which I love. DW's been my homebase for a long time. :)
Ha, yes, that would have been useful information to have included, wouldn't it? I shall rectify that now. And thanks for the tips! ♥

Oh, Lauren. I hope you feel better soon! Sending you all the warmth and well wishes.

Add me on DW? I'm felixfvlicis there, too. I'll add you.

Feel better! If you need anything, I'm here.

Thank you! Unfortunately the cold has now transfigured into a chest infection, which is just par for the course for me, but hopefully it won't last long. And yes, I shall add you on DW asap! ♥

Well, sheesh.  I'm having trouble finding you, too.  Probably should check on my desktop. Lol.

So sorry about the cold.  As someone who suffers from the most atrocious allergies you could imagine, I'm well versed in the misery of constantly needing to sneeze.  Have some OJ and chicken soup.  (Not together!)  It probably wont do anything for the cold, but it always makes me feel like I'm actively trying not to die, at least.  😊  I hope you feel better soon. ❤

Thank you! I actually did make some chicken noodle soup, right around the time I received your comment, funnily enough! It didn't do anything for the cold, but you're right that I felt a little less like curling up in a corner and dying, lol! ♥