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 Hello everybody! I am back as promised, to keep you all up with the scintillating goings on at Chez Lauren! (Mainly ironing, to be honest.) As I was saying in some email exchanges recently, I'm hoping that these little updates will help me keep the doorway for communication open for me, because I have a tendency to withdraw if I don't do something regularly, and I kind of dropped the ball last year, so. Here I am! *waves dorkily*

I've been writing this week! I've been writing H/D! I was persuaded to sign up to the Harry/Draco Big Bang, and I got so excited that I managed to knock out 13k words in just two days! I'm very excited about this fic, to be honest. I just have this feeling that it will end up being really good (for me, anyway), as long as I can manage to pull it off. So, watch this space!

I'm also writing original stories, as I do. I have a few ideas for some short stories, so I'm thinking that if I manage to knock a few of those out, it might give me the confidence to finally finish one of the novel length ones. Who knows, it could work...

So, Imogen's school managed to make it into the national newspapers this week *headdesk*.  The head teacher has been accused of "student segregation", and I had no idea it was even happening! Apparently, the school asked for a donation from each student for some lunchtime play equipment (skipping ropes, bats and balls, that kind of thing), but only 80 or so of the 450 pupils actually paid it. And so the teachers decided to put the 'paid' kids in one playground to play with all the toys, and the 'unpaid' kids in another playground without it. And everyone went nuts over it. I was one of the ones who hadn't paid (because they put the call out over Facebook and I'm not on fucking Facebook so I had no idea it was even a thing), so when I heard what was happening I asked Imogen why they hadn't told me. They said that it didn't matter to them, because the 'paid' kids were allowed to invite one 'unpaid' kid to go play with them, and Imogen had always been picked. So like, on the one hand, yay for me having a trans kid that's so fucking popular, but on the other hand, how dare this school do that?? I have myriad issues with this school, but Imogen is happy and accepted there, which is the most important thing for them at the moment, so I don't really kick up too much of a fuss. But I admit to being a little vindictively amused when I showed up at school one morning to find Press from the Guardian, the Independent, and the fucking BBC there to get soundbites out of some of the parents, haha! Good Lord, what a mess.

Oh, and Eryn is starting to get responses from universities! So far, Exeter, Bournemouth, and Goldsmith's in London have sent out conditional offers - she'll need three Bs in her A level exams, which she should get no problem. We're just waiting on Kent and Oxford Brookes universities to respond now. I'm very excited and also feeling slightly sick, with a very definite urge to wrap her up in a blanket and refuse to let her go, lol!

Love to you all, and hope 2018 is starting out well for everyone! <3

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