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Update and a meme!

So, I missed my last couple of weekly check ins, but I haven't really had much to report - I'm still writing, still reading, still working, still parenting, and there's not much happening with me other than the usual. BUT, [personal profile] smirkingcat tagged me in this meme, so I figured it was a good opportunity for a catch up with everybody, so:

Post 10 facts little known about you and tag 12 other people with it.

1. Other than my piercings and my engagement ring, I don't wear jewellery. I don't like things hanging off me, so necklaces and bracelets are annoying. Plus they tangle in my hair, which is already tangled enough, thanks very much!

2. I also never wear a watch, mainly because I can't tell time on a clock face. 

3. I don't own a handbag, and I have a terrible tendency to put my keys and/or purse in whatever shopping bag I've picked up along the way. I've accidentally binned my keys on more than one occasion due to this.

4. Although I write left handed, I am right handed for everything else. I also have really nice handwriting for a leftie, everyone comments on it!

5. I don't like wearing things on my feet; as soon as I come in the house, my shoes and socks come off and I walk around barefoot.

6. I'm allergic to pepper. It doesn't cause anaphylaxis, but it does make the back of my throat itch if I swallow it, or breathe it in while it's being ground. It makes eating out a bit of an uncomfortable experience.

7. I have an irrational fear of tomatoes. I don't like the taste, or the texture, and the sight of thoses seeds just sort of hanging there, suspended in that jelly like substance turns my stomach (I've given myself goosebumps just typing this!).

8. I love action films. The more explosions or extended fight scenes a movie has, the more I'm going to enjoy it. 

9. I am the same height as my father and brother, while my mum is a tiny person (only 5' 3"). My oldest daughter is also a tiny person, so I look like a giant next to them, haha!

10. I can be super controlling. I hate it when Ben tries to clean around the house, because he doesn't do it right. He tries to tell the kids to do their share so they learn some responsibility, but I always take over because I can't stand watching them do it wrong.

I'm not going to tag people, just gonna open it up to anyone who hasn't been tagged yet and fancies joining in! xx This entry was originally posted at Please comment either there or here.

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